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Josh Wolfer

Feature: Film cut detection / film ruler

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I've been doing a ton of film sound lately and finding the cut locations, is a royal pain in the butt. 

There are some things that would greatly improve this experience (and other Daws have or are going this route). 

1. A film cut bar that identifies where all scene cuts are. If this were like the arranger, in that it is its own bar, that's be great. I really don't want to add clutter to the bar that already has loop points and markers all over it. 

2. The ability to skip to the next/previous cut

3. A ruler option that shows just frame divisions. I'd have to look again, but I'm pretty sure the hmsf "smpte" ruler  "frames" is an odd triple digit number that doesn't line up to the imported video frames. This leaves me guessing and clicking all over to find the the cut. 

Thank you for the considerations. I really like cakewalk and would like to keep using it in film work over competitors. 

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