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Lum Tham

Exported mix plays differently on 3 gears, but my gears are not faulty

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7 hours ago, John Vere said:

SM 57's and 58"s. I use a Beta 58 for my vocals. I have a cheapo Audio Technica LDC but never use it. I have these CAD mini condensers I got from Musician's Friend for like $30. My mixer is a Mackie mix 8 I got for $50. All my headphones are worth under $30. I buy them at the dollar store. I have an old set of Sony's

That is pretty primitive compared to what a lot of people would consider "essential." But not so in my book. It belies good taste. None of your gear is sonically below par, Mackie has never designed a bad-sounding preamp circuit and I have a $20 pair of Sony cans that kinda surprised me when I gave them the "Everything In Its Right Place" test. My favorite song for testing audio gear. If I can hear the little details....

Your "cheapo" AT is probably an AT2020? Don't let that thing rot if you're recording acoustic guitar. I love mine.

I have a pair of 'em, those are my drum overheads. I paid $35 each. Had the chance to compare them on the same recording with my friend's factory matched pair of RODEs. The RODEs sounded better, but not $1000 better.

I did not expect to be praising cheap mics with you.

My favorite snare mic is a Shure Beta Green 58-alike that I got at Salvation Army for $8 with cable. I had been using a SM57 and didn't expect much from this thing, but I tried it and it knocked me into the bay. Full round sound and insane rejection of side and rear to the point that I pretty much don't have to gate hi hat any more. Favorite kick mic is a Peavey PVM535i vocal mic a friend gave me that has, in head-to-head testing, handily beaten the snot out of: a Sennheiser HD421, Shure SM57, AKG D112, and EV RE20. And I don't mean it sounded "surprisingly good" in comparison, I mean I would be disappointed to have to use any of those other mics instead of the silly Peavey, it smoked them so thoroughly.

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