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The Wall


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On 2/12/2019 at 10:17 PM, Grem said:


Nope! And his wife wouldn't even give him $1 for it!!! : )


Watch out for girl power ...All the girls these days ( including wives ) Have NOW got The Power ...

Oh BTW , Nice Wall ....

On 2/13/2019 at 12:15 AM, James G said:

Here be mine...


Guitar wall.jpg


Very nice James , Kenny &  Duke like your guitar/ instrument wall.

On 2/13/2019 at 7:58 AM, BassDaddy said:

Just another brick...WP_20190213_003.jpg.0fc59144b60a9fb2437f58c9ced147e0.jpg


Nice cool setup  you have there BassDaddy , Your room uses space with very nice clean simple lines .

On 2/13/2019 at 4:50 AM, craigb said:

Wow, not only do you guys have gear, but walls too!!!¬†ūüė∂



Ouch,  My  guess  is the  low rent  condo's in  Vantuckey   don't have walls w studs in them .

just kidding around w you my man ...




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On 2/13/2019 at 11:52 AM, Grem said:

I did the same thing on my wall. Works great. Always have my main guitars at hand.



I’ve got a green strat just like yours only different. The neck is all maple. I’ve got it setup as a MIdi guitar using the Graphtec Ghost MIDI system tied to an AXON pitch MIDI converter . I started the project 6 years ago and still haven’t finished it. Very sad.

Its a Japanese copy from Profile. It replaced a genuine Fender celebration copy from 1986 which was stolen. 

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On 2/15/2019 at 10:30 AM, MUDGEL said:

I‚Äôve got a green strat just like youÔĽŅrs only different.

Its a Japanese copy from Profile. It replaced a genuine Fender celebration copy from 1986 which was stolen.¬†ÔĽŅ


That's a G&L Legacy 1993. All original. I love it.


That white one is a Fender Squire made in Indonesia. But somebody did some real good work on it. Frets seem like they are polished. Just really buttery smooth and all the ends are smooth. It's also got a great tremolo on it that 's not the standard tremolo you see on Fender Squires. Also, the back of the neck is sanded down to a really silky smooth finish. Almost  like a non-finished neck, but smoother. Inside the electronics compartment and all pickup cavities it's painted with some kind of black powder coated stuff. And finally there is the pickups and the pickguard themselves. Seymour Duncan double coils in the neck and bridge and single coil in the middle. The pick guard is 5 layered mother of pearl finish that looks fantastic.  I paid $200 for that guitar!! Yep, unbelievable!!


I went to a GC in Baton Rouge, wanted to try an amp, Mesa Mini Rec, and they told me to pick a guitar, I picked that one because of the Maple Neck. And when I started playing it I realized real quick there was something about that guitar. I asked how much and was shocked when he said $200. I told him write it up. He said the amp too? I said, "I don't know about the amp. Haven't made my mind up on that yet. But I ain't leaving here without this guitar!"


One of the best purchases I have ever made from GC!!

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I only have 2 guitars. The electric mentioned above and an acoustic Southern Star model (the flagship of the day) made April 1979 by Maton, a well known Australian maker. In those days the guitars were really hand crafted and this one is a unique example.  

I only found out the guitar’s unique history when I sent it back to the factory for repair. They got in touch with me and gave me the story.

The luthier crafted a different style neck for it which was to eventually be used on the flagship guitar of the next new range. Apart from the Spruce top, apparently some of the timber selection was different to usual as well  

Mine is the Southern Star and the next gen flagship was the Messiah. So I have a Southern Star with a Messiah neck. Only one of its kind  

40 years old now and relaquered in a darker than original finish by the factory, it sounds exquisite. And plays like the neck is made of silken wood. Beautiful AP5 pickup system comprising an under saddle pick-up and a small condenser mic in the body with appropriate tone and balance control. 

Havent been able to play it much in recent years as my hands (and body in general) are wracked with arthritic pain. 

It’s a great guitar which I saw hanging in a friends guitar shop. It cost me $1,200 Aussie dollars  in August of 1979 which didn’t include the cost of a case which I had to buy separately. The luthier that made it, (no longer works for Maton) offered me silly big money to buy it back for his private collection . 

It’s the only material possession that I value and have it insured on its own policy. I could never part with it.

I’ll have to post some pics. 

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