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Exporting tracks and mixes

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I'm doing an online course in mixing. The last assignment I had to do involved me setting LUFS level to -16dB with a dBTP at -1dB. I couldn't find a stock plug in in Cakewalk that would allow me to make these settings (is there one?) so I used the Waves WDM Plus (??) to make the settings. All well and good, but having exported the file and then reimporting it in to my track pane, I got an master channel output of 0dB instead of -1dB.

I put nothing in my master channel so the level should have been flat at -1dB. When I exported the files, I selected all the check boxes, including the 64 bit engine - it was a stereo file 44000 / 24bit (standard CD levels). Does anyone know whether during exporting Cakewalk boosts the signal? Has anyone else noticed this situation? (It seems to happen on both individual tracks and entire mixes.)

I'd be grateful of any insight and suggestions as to what adjustments, if any, can be made.


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