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Record from Yamaha Motif XF on USB

Diego Aguilar


Hello, Cakewalk community.


I've been using Cakewalk to mix and produce some music for the last month. I am having trouble recording directly from my Yamaha Motif XF8 keyboard.


When connecting it via USB, I can use it as a MIDI controller with no problem. However, I'd like to record the audio from the keyboard via USB onto the DAW (for the moment, I don't have any audio interface or mixer setup to record the sounds from my keyboard as a "normal" audio input).

I really like the voices from the Motif and am currently trying to record some live performances which involve changing voices, parameters, and such on the go. 


I've been trying to fine the right plug-ins (VST files maybe?) so that CW will recognize my keyboard, with no luck.

Is this something that can be done? I'm fairly new to the whole DAWs world.


Thanks in advance for your help.


Best regards,


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Hi Diego and welcome to the Cakewalk forums.

The only way to record the audio (sounds) from your Motif is to connect the audio outputs your computer via an interface.  Unfortunately, the only signal coming out of your Motif's USB cable is digital (MIDI).

As for the VST problem, what type of VSTi's do you have available?  Do you see your Motif as an available input device in your MIDI track?

Kind regards,


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Yup (to the above response) - the USB connection will pass midi data in both directions, but does not transfer audio from a keyboard, such as the Motif.  As noted above, you would need to connect the audio output jacks on the back of the Motif, to your audio interface, and record the audio when you play it, OR if you have captured your playing in a midi track, then bounce the midi data to 'print' the audio, and that will create an audio clip/track from that midi data, using the audio output from the Motif.

Bob Bone

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