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Suggestion: Make on/off send switch automatable

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This is more of a request for the developers. It's a feature I've used in previous versions of Cubase. It's been useful to me automating the on/off switch of send, and for what I've been reading, it can't be done on Cakewalk.

I can give you an example on how I use it. When sending a signal to a delay bus, in this way I can send it only in parts I want, for example, on certain parts of vocals. What's the difference between automating the send and muting the delay bus for example? The thing is I need trails. If I mute the track or the delay's output, I lose the delay's trail. That delay in particular, which I like very much, doesn't have an input switch or knob, so I can't automate that.

I know I could automate the send knob by taking it down and up to the levels I need in those particular parts. But I feel it's annoying to do that, when I need to write automation for the delay parts in real time, it just can´t be done with precision. I can write the automation with snapshots, but again, it's slow and time consuming, compared to doing it in real time and then fixing the parts that didn't come out well by hand.

I feel it's a feature that should be added long time ago. I hope they do it soon.

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I always use delay send  volume.  It is just as easy to make an envelope for send as it is to make a mute send or off/on automation envelope.  I like to use tempo timed delays on single words and short phrases  The precision of an envelope  can be easily adjusted extremely small - easily to set to a letter of a word  - “T”om.  t  t  t  t  t .

This looks long but it only takes a minute to setup

Add delay on a buss or track

Cilck track

Right click track effects area  add fx send - delay effect on bus

Set level of send as low as it will go

Click clips filter edit button add env for delay send 

Move to word  mouse marquise select the word 

Right click over envelope  

Choose add nodes at selection (this adds 2 sets of 2 nodes)

Hold ctrl down  left click and drag to the desirable volume 

Move to next word select and repeat from move to word

For crazy stuff like Unfiltered Audio Sandman or Eventide Blackhole  I make a separate track for the echo words  and drop the echo on the track or buss.

The buss can have other stuff like separate compression. Frequently I use Waves S-1 imager to push the reverb image to the outer extreme edge of the stereo field.

Hope this helps,

Max Arwod


Max Arwood



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