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Addictive Drums dropping out ?

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I have a project that is fairly well advanced and keep hitting an issue that I've not experienced before.

Drums are fully programmed  and functioning using Addictive Drums. Everything sounds great.

I'm adding a piano track and I'm using Piano Roll to create the parts. Everything sounds great.

Opened the project up again now, everything plays fine, decide to fine tune the notes in the piano part and while doing it I suddenly notice that the drums have gone very quiet and appear kind of muffled.  Very frustrating and has happened a few times now. Don't seem able to resurrect the drums without reverting back to a previous working version and starting to make the changes again. I've now had to do changes in small "bites" and resave so that I don't lose too much before it happens again.

Any thoughts / solutions would be appreciated.

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