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PDC behavior is peculiar


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I have a sync problem with VST instruments. Here's my example:

I load Kontakt 6 for 4 instruments and use the India Library.
If I use the internal metronome, the down beat starts to drift away from "1"
So, I set the metronome to MIDI and use my external Super-JV for a click.

Then, I record the flute with PDC on (If I turn it off, it slowly introduces a lag from key-on 'til it sounds)
Then I record another line. Same problem with PDC off, so I turn it on.
Now the Flute line drifts ahead of the beat and I cannot play in sync.
So, I try a percussion instrument that has phrases that can be triggered.
The Kontakt percussion instrument is not perceiving the downbeat at 1, so it starts to drift.

I'm on Windows 10. Steinberg UR22 interface. Latency set to about 768 and there is a normal, low latency and stable mode, choice doesn't make a whole lot of difference.



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