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Ripchord tips.

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To import midifiles to Ripchord they have to be midi type 0. I have successfully imported midi type 0 with up to 3 tracks in them.

To see what type it is. - Open the mediabrowser and go to your midifiles. - Highlight a midifile and look at the bottom of the mediabrowser window. In its frame is some info about the file. With midifiles you will see the type and number of tracks in it.

Most of your midifiles probably is of type 1 so you have to convert to type 0. The quickest and easiest must be this little converter i found.


It install fine on win7 and 8. Probably also on win10 because it was updated this year. It's 32-bit but works fine and fast. I browsed to a folder with 40 midifiles type 1. Told it to put the converted file to the source folder and add a zero to the filename. The whole folder was done within a second.

This is a page with free midi chord progressions you then could import to ripchord.


ADDED May28: Info from user Michael A.D.
You are not limited to one keypress. So you might set up basic chords that one finger plays and upper extensions that another finger could play.
RipChord is also great fun feeding into Chord Potion.

PS. Did you know that someone collected all midifiles before Geocities was shut down? 51000 midifiles.



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Trackbout has updated Ripchord to v2.6.0 and open sourced the code.

What's New:

  • Full native support for Apple Silicon.
  • The source code is now available on Github: github.com/trackbout/ripchord
  • A preset tagging system with user defined tags to organize presets.
  • Automatic recall of the last resize when a new instance is opened.
  • The max resize was increased from 150% to 200%.
  • Various minor improvements.


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