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Josh Wolfer

Feature: Replace track panning with a panning plugin

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I know this is a long shot, but I'm in a sharing mood. In 95% of all cases I NEVER pan with Cakewalk native panning. I always use Boz Pan Knob, because the built in X-over makes mixes a million times better. No joke. Night and day different. And not that I really need it, but you can change the pan law per track. 

So what would make me incredibly happy, is if I could integrate the Boz Pan Knob into the native Cakewalk pan controls. This level of integration would be wonderful. Kind of like how when in Protools if you add a compressor, you can see the compressor reduction meter, right next to volume meter in console view. 

One reason this would be super handy is for those of us who use control surfaces, panning in the control surface would automatically manipulate the Boz Pan Knob, instead of having to open the pan knob plugin, adjust it, and close the plugin window, every time we want to make an adjustment. 

I know it's probably not going to happen, but hey, here's my wish list.

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