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Spitfire Audio LABS in Eurorack Module

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Hello Peeps,

I appreciate that there isn't much Eurorack Love here, understandably so.

I just wanted to announce that the latest module from Expert Sleepers has released their latest incarnation of the excellent multi-function Disting module, now called the Disting EX.

One really great feature of this module is it comes bundled with a whole load of samples, including some LABS stuff from Spitfire Audio. More details here:-


I've had my EX for four days now and although I've had an issue with chord play, more than likely due to me not understanding the settings or how I am feeding CV/gate to it, I think it's a great addition to my system. I've had a pile of fun getting the LABS Soft Piano playing Eno-esque ambient piano stuff. Cheesy, I know, but I don't care :)

And, as I said, it's a multi-function module and comes with all the Mk4 algorithms as well as a great new tape delay/looper algorithm based on Expert Sleeper's Augustus Loop VST.


Okay, I'll leave that with you to ponder.


andy (your local EuroCrack pusher...)

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