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Best Service Alpine Volksmusik 2


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The 2 goobers are one thing but the Alpine honey looks like she just finished a few bowls of the old "Gaschpilka Weeda".

And that was to take the edge off the crack she had a little earlier.

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10 minutes ago, John Bohlen said:

Now it's the time to find all those old public domain folk music MIDI files and put it to the test. Are they all wearing lederhosens? 😁

Definitely the guys are.  I picture her more in a getup like Julie Andrews in the first scene of "The Sound of Music"   That's what you wear in the Austrian alps, right?

I have actually been in the Austrian alps, near Klagenfurt, which was a movie location for a really bad film I worked on called "Shining Through."  I didn't see anybody dressed up like them.  Or Julie Andrews either.

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On 5/13/2020 at 4:54 PM, Fleer said:

Is that you, Kenny, stroking strings behind the King?

It's not me...yet I would love having those Crazy Eyes looking at me that way ...

19 hours ago, BassDaddy said:

Is that an Alembic clarinet the guy on the right has?

I heard the guy on the right  couldn't get his Alembic Tuba through Customs in time for the photo shoot  so he had to make due w a clarinet.



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