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Update Issue - Can't get past "EXTRACTING "

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Tried 2x, plenty of space on C drive where TEMP is.  Setup gets about 25% through EXTRACTION then hangs. Any ideas? Nothing in the Event Log....


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You might want to try cleaning out Windows temp files.
Too many temp files or corrupted files left in the temp folder can cause issues like the one you describe.

How to:
First close all open programs and files.
You don't need to shut down apps that run in the background.
In practice I've never had an issue doing this procedure even with lots of stuff open but you'll get a better cleaning if you close the extra stuff.

In Windows File Explorer open %temp% and it will take you to a folder similar to:
Select all files in that folder, for example by hitting Ctrl-A, and click on Delete.

When you see something similar to the screen below
check the box "Do this for all current items" and click Skip.

You can Google deleting Windows temp files if you need more info or just want a confirmation.
If all this is new to you maybe have an experienced friend watch or help.

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