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Sennheiser PC373D Surround headset - Suprised !

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Hello everyone.

Just a quick comment: I decided last week to buy a new Mic/Headset combo for my regular work in IT... and I just thought about finally giving a shot to basic and affordable surround technology (well... simulated, that is...)

So, after about 20 minutes online shopping, I chose the Sennheiser PC373D and clicked "order" and thought "hey, pretty shure it won't be usable as-is with any DAW... but i'll try it anyways".

Well, got it today. Plugged it in 15 minutes ago, fired up Sonar (I know, but I always adored that name...), tried the WASAPI (shared)  driver (never got anything to work properly with onboard audio devices ever before... or anything at all for that matter, even after 60 minutes of failed tweaking...)

Well, the PC373D worked spot-on!!

No snap-crackle-pop-fests going! Clear, un-interrupted audio flow right away. Sonar detected enough stereo outputs on the Sennheiser to allow myself to quickly goof around with 5.1 up to 7.1 configurations.

I then fooled around using the surround panner and I thought it was actually pretty good (Ok... my first time ever on surround, but I could feel enough the movement in "space" and thought it was precise enough to actually try stuff out... I'm hoping that, from there, minor tweaks and validation  will be needed when listening to this project on a real surround setup).

... Ok... Ok, sometimes I can hear some light flams or artifacts, but for now I would guess that's because I randomly connected the outputs instead of looking up a proper setup reference document (saying this because sometimes "panning" the audio "hard behind" seems to be more precise than panning "front-standard", so...)

Just thought I should let you know. 

Who else is goofing around with surround headphones? I'll test my Waves NX plugin later.  😉



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Hello again.

Continued a little while this morning, and compared the PC373D with other combinations of regular headphones from a surround bus "downmixed" to stereo using Waves' NX plugin.

Generally speaking, the NX seems to be more accurate... So i'll have about 3 different setups to fool-"surround" and get used to surround workflows.

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