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Option to Clear All of the Effects Out of the FX Bin and Global Unfreeze

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Good morning,

I just wanted to reach out to the bakers about adding an option on the FX Bin menu that allows one click to clear out all of the effects in the bin at one time. It gets a little tedious sometimes having to remove one at a time from a bin, especially when there is a significant amount of tracks and buses. 


I'd also like to suggest the option having a global "unfreeze" button that will allow me to unfreeze all of the tracks in the session at once.

Thank you in advance!

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It could be added to the right click menu in the FX bin.  Underneath "Save FX Rack as FX Chain preset" could be something like

"Clear FX Rack "

I would like a Global Freeze to go with your Global Unfeeze, not especially to save CPU but when you are archiving projects it's the best insurance to have an older track come back the exact same as when you originally bounced it.

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1 hour ago, marled said:

IMO it would be great if you could select multiple (or all) effects and then delete them. Like that there would be also the possibility not to delete the whole chain.

Like CTRL-CLICK then DEL  ?  That could be useful. You could also use it to drag n drop multiple FX to other bins instead of one at a time 

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