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Josh Wolfer

Project -> Insert Time is not affected by Ripple Editing

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This appears to be by design, as the Cakewalk docs specifically don't show "Project -> Insert time / measures" as being affected by Ripple Editing:


However this is kind of silly ;). My use case is for film sound editing. Director swore the edit was locked, yadda yadda, and now just sent me a new edit. meh.

Using the old and new production audio tracks, I've determined the old and new video clips are 3860 ticks apart. With ripple editing enabled globally, I'd expect to be able to do a Project -> insert time/measures at 3860 ticks and have it just work, but it doesn't. 

What does work is splitting one of my clips and then doing a process -> slide by 3860 ticks with ripple editing on.  

So I have a simple request: Make "Project -> Insert time / measures" also affected by Ripple Editing. 


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