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Hawk Mann

X-Touch One - Customize Mackie Control Protocol?

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Is there a way to configure Mackie Control mode for a single fader.  I have a Bheringer X-Touch one which works seamlessly with cakewalk, however it's a little annoying because mackie control is lock at 8 faders (probably great for those who have 8 faders).  To remedy I've been adding 7 extra blank tracks after my last recorded track in order to control the last recorded track.  It would be wonderful to be able to customize the Mackie Control protocol to work with one fader in the track section as it does in the bus section.

Also, I recently set up the TouchDaw app so that I can record drums with out having to run back and forth.  Works great, however since the Mackie Control for my X-touch One takes block out 8 tracks I can't configure the location of the control in the way that would be most efficent. 


Does anyone else use the X-touch One with cakewalk, and are there any work arounds to get CakeWalk to recognize it as just 1 fader as oppsed to 8?


Many Thanks!!


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