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Cakewalk Active Clips proposal::.

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The possibility of inserting a whole .cwp file as ONE "Active Clip" into another project. This would be useful to build mastering projects, in which every Active Clip could be an existing song project.

Some details:

  • Active Clips would be temporal files (supose .cap extension, for instance).
  • They could be generated by drag and drop .cwp files into any other project. (for understanding reasons, I wil call it the "mastering project")
  • Once the .cwp file dropped in the mastering project, Cakewalk would ask the user if he/she wants all tracks separated (what already exists) or one Active Clip.
  • Active Clips would be something like "freezings" of the source project's entire mix. (or maybe give some possility of choosing busses)
  • Active Clips should be able to insert clip effects, automation and every tool available for common audio clips. Even region fx.
  • They should be able to crop and fade freely.
  • They could have some kind of waveform preview, affected by the effects and processors applied in real time.
  • They would show the source projects markers (not movable) in the clip header, as a reference.
  • Every time the mastering project is opened, it should scan all .cap files involved. If some of them (or all) have been modified, the mastering project shoud detect it and do a new .cap file of that source cwp project. This allows going back to adjust the mix of a song in the source project, then comming back to the mastering project to keep working with the updated Active Clip/s. (that's the reason of the term "Active")
  • Once we finish the mastering session, we could export every Active Clip to an audio file with one click, using Arranger Track sections to make some kind of "batch export", suposing the user makes one section for every Active Clip.

I invite the users to give their opinion, and ofcourse the bakers (to send me to hell)🤘

Anyways, thanks for all you are doing with Cakewalk.



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