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It has been financially tough, I've mainly been surviving by selling music gear but I'm hoping that I can persuade a few of you to buy some products today. I have put up a sale on all Kontakt Instruments as well as the Synth Presets. I also have Donate products available in the case there is nothing you want to buy. I absolutely hate to ask for Donations, but it's a moment of financial desperation.... If I do get some donations I will try to release something down the line as a free reward.

Serenity Group Buy

The Serenity Serenity Group Buy is still running and I have just created the final 300 wavetables merging both of those stages into level 4. This Group Buy has been a bit cursed but I'm not willing to give up on it just yet! The updated products are available to download from your download page now each now using 1000 wavetables.

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Group Buy still going on, currently at level 5.

Includes 4 Wavetable synths and a few hundred wavetables fully compatible with Serum.

A Dual Wavetable Synthesizer. Dual Synth design with 5 Envelopes and an LFO per Synth.

A powerful Motion based Wavetable Synthesizer that uses 28 XY Sequencers that can be recorded.

An advanced Dual Wavetable Synth with a powerful Modulation Matrix and an Advanced Arpeggiator with Wavetable Sequencing.

This synth introduces newly developed interpolated LFOs/Sequencers. Features a single Wavetable with Drag and Drop support and 4 LFO Sequencers

And yes... full Kontakt required

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According to the kvr discussion, the site is using an outdated version of TLS and that's what the browsers are reporting on.

Which would translate to, it's a "not safe because your communication with the server is not that difficult to eavesdrop on"

Since you would pay with paypal, your financial info should be ok (because paypal takes over at that point and the encryption no longer depends on hgsounds). But the password for your account with HGSounds could be eavesdropped on. Make sure you use a unique password that you don't use anywhere else.

(note: I'm trying to help but I'm not here to convince anyone. If what I'm saying sounds like gobbledygook or still unreliable, just skip the purchase)

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