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Saving Effects in Pro Channel [FX Chain] makes Cakewalk boot at slow snails pace

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I saved about 3 effects in the FX Chain in about 8 separate tracks as a Template.

When I start up Cakewalk the program has to load each and every Effect individually for each track, total 24!  So, imagine sitting there while 24 Izotope plugins has to load before the program can start up?

Is this a bug or is this how the program works? 

 I thought the program would still load up instantly regardless of if any Effects are stored in the FX Chain.  At least there should have been a standby mode that retains Effect memory but not necessarily loads the whole program if you don't use it.  Having to wait until 20-30 effects load one by one is sorta confusing not knowing if the program actually has a loading problem until the whole long process is over.

Can this be fixed? Can FX Chain Effects be made to NOT automatically load while powering up? Sorta load only when used?

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I normally save track-level things like effects for commonly used combinations and settings, as Track Templates, rather than as one giant Project Template.

This means that only when I insert from one of those Track Templates, is the overhead for whatever effects are in that one Track Template actually realized.

I find that to be more efficient, than having to wait for a larger number of tracks and effects to be loaded - from a Project Template, when I may or may not even end up using some number of those tracks - or may use them, but at a later time.  Most often, you lose more time to doing it that way, than by just loading those tracks from a Track Template, only as I am ready to begin using them.

I also have a number of Track Templates with different combinations of effects and settings, to draw from, and that works well, for me.

Hope that helps, 

Bob Bone

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