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Jim Fogle

How To Install Optional Themes Sticky

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While looking through the forum I noticed the UI Themes section and read a few of the messages.  The sample images shows the forum has some very talented graphic artists that are not afraid to dig "under the hood, or bonnet," to create some beautiful looking graphic themes for the Cakewalk by BandLab user interface.   However, as new users flock to download, install and use CbB and visit this forum to learn more about the product the UI Themes forum section may raise more questions than it answers. 

Perhaps it would be wise for someone to create a post that answers the questions that newcomers might ask.  Another possibility is one or more video tutorial(s) showing the default storage location for themes as well as what steps to take to make sure the program will list a newly added theme.   Here is a list of some questions I think might be asked.  I'm sure other forum members can think of additional questions.

1) Where are theme files stored so they will be listed and available for access by the program?

2) Do the files need to be stored in a specific format?  For example files for each theme contained in a sub folder, files for all themes contained in one sub folder, files for each theme compiled into a single file with a specific file suffix and so on.

3) Does theme installation require an installer utility?

4) Can default and optional themes be renamed?

5) What is the Theme Editor?  How to obtain the Theme Editor?  Is there user instructions or a help file?



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