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2020.04 Feedback

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Yes all the known anomalies with mixing pure mono and stereo plugins have been solved in this release. 
The interleave button was always there but the logic in the effects rack had to be updated to handle various complex cases where you have mixed interleave.

Mono in stereo out VST plugins are not yet supported. 

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On 5/26/2020 at 9:04 PM, jkoseattle said:

I'd like to click within a tile in the arrangement pane and have playback start there. (For example, clicking in the very middle of a tile would start playback halfway through the section, etc.) It's ok that I can only click on the play in the tile to play the entire section, but as a lot of arrangement experimentation involves transitions, I want to hear just the last two bars or one section to hear if it flows into the next section. Using the play buttons in the arrangement, I can only playback entire sections.

@jkoseattleThis is already possible. In the arrangement sections if you  CTRL-click on the play button for a section it will play that section from where the now time is within that section. Set the now time on the timeline and then ctrl click to audition playback from anypoint within that section.
Alternatively you can click in the timeline and press SHIFT-ALT-space to start playback from the now time for the first section that overlaps with that time.

To be able to do that from the arranger view itself would require another seek bar since clicking a section always positions the time to the beginning of the section.

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