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Master bus/ IO settings - no audio



I have installed Bandlab/Cakewalk as well as the Mackie app for my Producer 2.2 interface.  I cannot hear any audio output though the phones out on the 2.2  But Windows sounds are there in the phones so Windows likes the interface.  I've followed the tutorials and opened a new project, insert instrument (drums) and can see the drum set and mouse hit the drums and it shows that it's triggering but no sound at all.  I suspect it may be a bus assignment but I've tried everything I can think of (and I know MIDI) and no audio.  Here's another thing.  After installing Cakewalk I launched it without the interface attached and before I installed the Mackie application.  On launching Cakewalk I got an error message that "the master bus is set to silent".  So I tried to find the right setting and could not figure out the master bus problem.  But now when I start Cakewalk without the interface connected (but with the app already installed) and now the error message is "the drivers installed are not compatible...." so I can't listen through the laptop headphone jack.  I've looked everywhere and can't find a solution.  Thanks in advance for your help.  Mike in Nashville

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Obviously Mike is not an active forum member so unlikely he'll ever see your post,  You need to start your own thread and state your issues clearly including system info like your audio interface etc. The more info the faster we can solve your problem. But start a new thread otherwise its a hijack which is confusing. 

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