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M-Audio Fast Track Guitar/Mic Recording Interface

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This is the old 1X2 interface, the silver box with the name on the front exactly as I called it in the title to this thread.  I had it working with Cakewalk on a Windows 7 machine.  I now have a new Windows 10 PC, and just installed Cakewalk on it.  The interface itself seems to work fine with Windows 10 (all the usual sounds come out of it, audio from videos, applications, etc.)  However, the trouble starts when I open Cakewalk.  I used the driver for that interface, and later ASIO4ALL, and cannot get it to cooperate with Cakewalk.  I've changed every possible setting under "preferences" related to the interface and the drivers - no luck.  What I get is the meter on the master Cakewalk channel is slammed to the red, all the time, and no audio is produced when I playback a project.  The meters on the individual tracks show activity, but again, no sound.

However, if I unplug the interface, I can get Cakewalk to operate as normal through the onboard PC sound card.  So, what's up?   Does anyone know if this particular interface has known Windows 10 issues?   Thanks!


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