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Angelo DiBraccio

Browser won't stay closed [SOLVED]

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I want the browser to be closed when I open a project. I tried several fixes but it still opens every time I start a new or existing project.

I tried all of the following:
 I saved the basic template with the browser closed. The browser still opens.
 I have no lenses activated. The browser still opens.
 I unlocked screenset 1. Closed the browser. Locked the screen set. Saved the template. The browser still opens.




The opened/closed state of the browser is stored in project files or template files if the following conditions are net:

The Lens is set to none.

The current screen set is unlocked when the browser state is changed. 

The Synth Rack is not in the browser.

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I was having this today in a Screenset, not locked. Close the browser, change Screenset to save state,  go back to the previous one and the browser was open again. I ended up floating the window and closing it for good.

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