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All M-Themes and Splash Screens Pack (Updated for 2021.12)

Matthew White

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On 2/11/2022 at 8:44 PM, Sridhar Raghavan said:

I imported Midnight Blue, Racing Green and one other and started modifying Midnight Blue, to gain some understanding of the theming work.

Sri, I'm flattered that you chose my themes as a starting point!

I think they're good references for deep-diving, because I've changed so many things from the defaults. With Racing Green, especially, almost everything that can be changed has been changed.

BTW, I suggest you open a new thread to describe your adventures in theming. I think it would help others to learn from what you're doing; they're more likely to see it if you have your own thread.

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Star Krupa

You should feel very good about it. 
It is a case of Name Matters.
I am very happy that I made that instinctive choice - and will also explore racing green, as well as the new updated pack by Mathews. 

I have placed the Themes work on hold to sort out the other environmental idioms -- getting Swar Plug, Native Instruments working with Cakewalk.


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Users of my Themes may like to download again and replace the old with new as a small number of corrections/improvements have been made to some, most notably my 'M-Tungsten' Theme has been updated to display the newer style 'Metronome Settings' button icon on the Transport Module, My 'M-Silk' and 'M-Tango Orange' Themes have also been updated with better 'Metronome During Play', 'Metronome During Record' and the newer 'Metronome Settings' buttons on the Transport Module, better icons on the 'Input Echo' buttons (Mix Module, Track and Console View) (As have some other Themes) and also better digits on the Snap Module buttons, the digits on these were the existing digits that I had just painted around when I made the themes, I have now painted over the old digits and added fresh digits to these so they should look a little clearer/sharper now, most Themes have also had an improvement to the 'Audio' and 'Instruments' tabs when in the selected state in the 'Add Track Flyout', the selected tab of these had more height than the unselected but I've now made them equal as I think it looks much better and served no purpose having more height, they were just made that way originally as it's how they display in the 'Mercury' and 'Tungsten' themes included with Cakewalk.

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I like your themes Matthew. Been using them for a while now. Mostly the M-Spec theme.

Just d/l the latest updates and was looking through a few of them and really might go with the Blue Flare now. That's a really nice addition to the bunch you got there. I am not much on the lighter themes but that Titanium theme you have just looks so clean!! All your themes have that clean look.

Thanks again for all you do to keep these themes up for us users. 


[edit] Forgot to add that I really like how you have the colors in the trks change to suit the theme. IOW, all my trk colors that I have set in my templates, look like they fit whatever M-theme I am using. That's a real nice touch.

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