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Bounce synth to multiple track outputs SOLVED!

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So I've been trying desperately to find the best way of converting a soft synth to multiple audio tracks. I don't mind freezing but I wanted the audio tracks to be unfrozen. I've found a way to do this operation very easily and thought I'd share it for anyone who wishes to do the same. 

Assuming that you have a softsynth setup already going to multiple tracks:

1: Highlight all tracks and freeze them

2: Highlight all frozen tracks you want, and go to:   tracks/Duplicate tracks...  (make sure events and properties are ticked) Click ok!

You will then have:

All your tracks created and named with the audio data in them to do with what you will.

Obviously you can do whatever you like with the frozen tracks and softsynth. 

I've been banging my head against a brick wall about this and finally! 

I hope this is helpful for anyone looking to easily create multiple audio tracks from a softsynth.


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