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Jeff Bowman

ASIO driver hangs on opening Cakewalk.

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Hope you're all staying safe in these strange times.

I've just upgraded my processor from a Ryzen 2700X to a 3700X.

Motherboard is the same (Crosshair VII Hero) as is the memory and all other hardware.

I updated to the latest BIOS and AMD chipset drivers before swapping the processors.

All drivers and software are completely up to date.

All worked perfectly before the upgrade.

Now, when I try to open any audio software using ASIO, it hangs at opening the audio driver and I have to use the task manager to close the software.

If I disable the ASIO driver before opening the software it will start with a warning of no audio drivers available but if I close it, re-enable the ASIO driver and run the software  it will start OK about 50% of the time.

If I disable the ASIO driver before shutting down the computer, when I restart, re-enable the ASIO driver and open the software it works 100% of the time.

This happens with any ASIO application, not just Cakewalk.

My soundcard is a Focusrite Rednet PCIe card on a Dante network.

I'm leaning towards thinking this is a PCIe slot issue, possibly related to the AMD chipset issues which seem to be affecting GPUs and NVME drives?

Anyone had similar experiences or have any thoughts?

Regards. Jeff.

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