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APD Offer: 50% Off The Ultimate Modern Pop Collection by Mimic Audio

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For only $79.99 instead of $160, get The Ultimate Modern Pop Collection, MIMIC AUDIO’s flagship bundle!

Mimic Audio’s Flagship bundle features Drums, Bass, Leads, Synths, Guitars, Snaps, Claps, and Sound FX from 8 recent chart-topping songs made into playable instrument patches for Omnisphere 2.6+

IMPORTANT: This collection requires Omnisphere 2.6 or higher.

Learn more here: https://audioplugin.deals/the-ultimate-modern-pop-collection-by-mimic-audio/

Offer ends May 3rd 2020


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I can't help but feel I'm being hit in the face with a copyright infringement lawsuit from just looking at that page.  A company named "Mimic Audio" selling music packs:

Old Town Road
Bad Guy
I Don't Care
Beautiful People
Dance Monkey

And their product pages have links to the original rack on sound services even.  While I'm sure they have some legal cover or at least think they do,  I'm not so sure.

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Hey there!

Since all of these packs are fully playable virtual instrument patches, they do not infringe copyright. (We've received detailed legal advice on all this, of course) If we were offering exact loops, beats, or musical phrases from the songs, that would be a different story.

What's cool about these packs is that you get the timbre and production quality of the sounds, and you can run with that in any direction you want!

Thanks for the feedback!!



Edited by Mimic Audio
Clarifying an important detail :)
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