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[CLOSED] Cakewalk 2020.04 Early Access 2

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On 4/26/2020 at 5:19 PM, pwalpwal said:

shouldn't be, much more likely video drivers, have you done that? (sorry haven't read the full thread)

that's smart of you to assume, as most of the problems i've encountered in cakewalk seem to have something to do with graphics and visualizations, one way or the other. but i have all the latest drivers, no conflict is reported anywhere, all other software works just fine - and even in cakewalk the problems seem to vary. i've reinstalled all the c++ packages - and cakewalk, from scratch, and now the automatic reset of the project layout saved, on load, has stopped. still crashed on project render, by itself, though - vcruntime140.dll error - which i have just reinstalled straight from the microsoft website. 😋

on the other hand, there's weird stuff, like saving in the tracks view remembers the collapsed setting of the pc modules in the console, but saving in the console view doesn't - and that can't be driver related.

so i'd say it's a graphics related cakewalk optimization glitch - or several - that connect to many issues - for instance resetting vsts that communicate among instances. something that reunites sound and graphics - either vc packages, directx, don't know, i'm just assuming from the little i know about windows multimedia modules - i'm no programmer at all, just judging by the basic common knowledge i have.

on the other hand, i have accidentally stumbled onto a way of having the browser bar available in the console view, and that makes me terribly happy. simplifies life a bunch. and haven't had any tape resets - i don't even dare try to replicate the behavior that usually resets them all, for fear it'll start again. it doesn't take much to make me happy. i just wish i didn't bump into stuff like that. cause i love everything else.

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On 4/26/2020 at 2:19 AM, msmcleod said:

Tried it with a 16 track project with an instance on every track. Not having any problems:


that plugin sounds awesome. the compressor is fantastic. like a more neutral ssl channel comp.

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