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[CLOSED] Cakewalk 2020.04 Early Access 2

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These are existing (pre-EA) issues that I've rediscovered while trying to load up some projects.


MIDI input assignments for channels are not recalled when a project is loaded.

VST/MIDI plugins

I've recorded multiple crashes with "The thread tried to read from or write to a virtual address for which it does not have the appropriate access." visible in the minidump summary, in the Cakewalk EchoDelay.dll MIDI plugin & all of Kazrogs Thermionik range of plugins, while trying to load projects.

I've attached minidumps for an example of the EchoDelay crash & a selection of Kazrog Thermionik plugin crashes.  Possibly worth noting that the project that had the EchoDelay crash also had Kazrog thermionik plugins in it.

I recall reporting these crashes before pre-bandlab era, so there may be more information available in your bug reporting system.  My main observations from the time were;

I noticed that all the exception addresses ended in 8, so I was wondering if Sonar was sending audio buffers that were'nt necesserily 16 byte aligned which could cause access violations if used directly with SSE operations.

A workaround that works for some of the projects is to globally disable FX, start playing the project & then while playing re-enable FX.


Kazrog Thermionik Minidumps.7z EchoDelay.dll Midi Plugin Minidump.7z

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13 hours ago, pwalpwal said:

could opening from track vs console make a difference?

Good idea, since I've noted that some settings are saved if you save them in the Track View, but not if you save in the Console view (like the collapsed states of the one knob PC modules on Instrument tracks, Show velocity on MIDI clips in Notes mode, etc.).

So I've tried it. Now the Midnight compressor couldn't open either - so neither of them. It crashed Cakewalk a couple of times - the first time the blank VST was open, the Aim Assist time was frozen somewhere on the ruler, but the cursor could move, but without the Aim Assist time, and after a few seconds CW closed, before I could take a snapshot.

I tried it in Reason, it worked. So I reinstalled over the old ones, opened an empty project in Cakewalk, they both worked, opened both in Console and in Track.

So I reopened my project again, and now they both work.


It's like the Twilight Zone. Given the blank frame and the freeze, I think it's conflicting with the graphics somewhere - could be DirectX, or the VC++ redist packages, it's what I can think of, I'm no programmer. Reinstalled the packages a few times, used the latest in various configurations, no change. I had noted some things along the same lines before - screen going black, sometimes losing the settings on the control bar - position, collapsed modules, etc.

In addition, resetting some plugins - just reset all my Softube Tapes again, this is maddening. Gotta reload them all. If I don't lose them at least once a night, I haven't worked long enough. Mostly when I play with the cursor position or the set loop during playback, so I always make sure to stop the playback, but often it does it anyway.

I've had crashes moving the cursor line during playback, or clicking on an automation envelope.

Or changing the preferences while playback was on.


Untitled 2.jpg

Untitled 3.jpg

Untitled 4.jpg

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13 hours ago, pwalpwal said:

how about the VST2 version?

Haven't tried it, it's deactivated to avoid conflicts. Usually TH-U doesn't make any problems, this was the first time in a while.

Do you have any similar problems?

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16 hours ago, ZincT said:

Not seeing that here.  Are you on the latest version of TH-U (1.1.8)?

No, it's the 1.1.7. Normally it doesn't make any problems. I tried to open it, I think it was with the playback on, I'm not sure.

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Hi music friends,

there is another crash situation.

  • I loaded a bunch of VSTs (see screenshot),
  • then used captain chord to find some chords.
  • exported midi to the piano channel
  • started the arpeggiator
  • tried to modify the note length by dragging the appropriate element in the arpeggiator gui
  • chrash

It says that the ABPL2 plugin crashed.

Well, five minutes ago it said it was the percx plugin.

All these plugins are only loaded, not yet used.

please find attached two dumps (7Z) and a screenshot.




instruments_04242020_163815.7z instruments_04242020_171338.7z

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Hi Folks,

The final 2020.04 release is out. Please download it from bandlab assistant. It should resolve any language issues observed since it now contains all the latest language updates.

Please note that due to a bug in the early access release you may not receive a notification of an update in Cakewalk. It should be visible in BandLab Assistant, however.

Thanks to all of you for your great feedback and participation in the early access. It has helped us make this one of our strongest releases.



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On 4/23/2020 at 2:47 PM, msmcleod said:

Working fine here:


Can you try to see if they work in a crowded project? After happily reporting it working, I still get the same problem.

They open up fine in an empty project, but the problems appear when the project is already CPU heavy - around 50%, in my case.

I usually manage to insert an instance of each - eq and compressor - sometimes it opens well, sometimes it doesn't - but never a second one, without having the visualization problem. Sometimes even the first ones that I've inserted won't visualize on open - and may crash CW. They work, musically, I can hear the impact on the track, but can't visualize and crash.

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On 4/22/2020 at 7:52 PM, Jonathan Sasor said:

If clips select envelopes with clips is enabled, the normal drag/drop behavior should copy the clips and envelopes together correctly.

Aha, it works, but I have to use the left-click selection.

It does not work with right-click lasso selection (when lasso-selecting clips from several tracks, only nodes are selected in tracks with Filter=envelope).

I can live with that :) Thanks!


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On 4/23/2020 at 4:10 AM, Olaf said:

Hi guys,


The Focusrite ISA Midnight EQ 1.7 (VST2) does not display at all.  The Midnight Compressor works fine - they're a bundle, installed and activated at once.


Tried it with a 16 track project with an instance on every track. Not having any problems:


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8 hours ago, msmcleod said:

Tried it with a 16 track project with an instance on every track. Not having any problems:


Thanks, man!

I have about 90 plugins inserted in the project. Could that be it?

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