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Heinz Hupfer

Arranger and overlapping notes? [Solved (found a workaround)]

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If it's the wrong place for writing this problem, please move it......


Following problem: (Just a small test with the arranger)

For Arranger Sections cannot overlap. how do I manage overlapping notes? I very seldom do quantizing and really never to 100%!

So Picture 1 shows two sections, the very first note in the first section comes too early a few msecs, the last one goes a bit longer and the first note in the second section is too early too.




When I now select Section 1 and Copy or Move it, the last note of the first section is cut at the beginning of the second section and the first note  of the second section is cut at the beginning of the second section. Same with audioclips!



I do always have many overlapping notes,  so how do I manage this with the Arranger?

No Problem with Ripple Edit and overlapping Clips....




P.S. If I drag the first section over to the early first note and then drag the sections to the arrangment and port it to the project, it's a total desaster, cause the first early note is then on 1.1.0 (sometimes, sometimes not) and all other notes which are normally on 1.2, 1.3 exactly are now too late. all other sections, cause they cannot overlap are moved to later positions as they should be.....

So I cannot use the arranger for my songs? Does all other quantize to 100%, surely not....I am missing something....



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