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Vocalign Issues in CbB

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I am having an issue with Vocalign where when I select the guide and the dub tracks it says their time differs by seconds, when they start at the exact same time, and are exactly the same length.  Vocalign shows them one clip significantly ahead of the other. It then plays it out of time or crashes. Anyone else have this issue? If so, what was your solution? I am using the most recent versions of Vocalign Pro and CbB

Here are steps:

1. Select guide and dub and create region effects

2. Drag guide to top box and then dub track to botton box in Vocalign

This is when I am getting the message they differ in time. It's weird bc they are starting at the same time. I've uninstalled both Cakewalk and Vocalign and re-installed. I tried exporting the audio files and  then importing them into a different session and I get the same issue. I'm beyond frustrated. Vocalsync works, but I need vocalign to work. Could this be an issue with actual metadata associated with the wave files themselves?

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