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Karl Rose

Rapture Pro stuck in demo mode

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I have just updated my aging system and completed installing software.

All is working well except Rapture Pro which is stuck in demo mode.


So far I have tried.........

Installing via CCC, (doesn't ask for serial number) which gives me the green lights that it has installed ok...but stuck in demo mode.

Installing via its own installer, seems to install ok but doesn't ask for a serial number....stuck in demo mode

Offline activation, no errors during the process but stuck in demo mode........

Found a couple of similar incidents online and the answer is contact Cakewalk support who can fix it, but of course there is no longer any Cakewalk support. Anybody got any ideas or solutions? Other than consign Rapture Pro to the bin...😁


Thanks in advance

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I have it on good word that since the man from Mars stopped eating cars and eating bars, he is only eating guitars.

BandLab support have been known, as a courtesy service, to help Cakewalk Inc. customers who have valid serials and registration codes and whatnots with their validation issues. As you pointed out, they're not parties in your license agreement with Cakewalk, Inc., but Cakewalk's licensing server seems to be one of the assets they acquired, and apparently the support staff knows how to get it to behave.

Ask them.

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