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On 4/17/2020 at 10:30 PM, Boogie said:

I was experimenting with the Matrix view in Cakewalk and I noticed there is a glitch in the loop like a very short silence occurs when restarting the loop. Not sure if anybody else experienced this or if it is something to do with my system. What I did is basically I drag & dropped a few loops from bandlab assistant into matrix view and recorded it. I attached a clip to show how it sounds. This glitch does not seem to happen on the Bandlab's web based mix editor. I suspect this might be a bug, can anybody feedback to confirm if you experienced the same issue or not?


matrix_loop.mp3 238.37 kB · 4 downloads

I tried that. I downloaded a few loops directly fron Bandlab Assistant, and all of them came with a little silence at the beginning. You need to load them in a track first and trim them to make sure that they loop properly before loading them anywhere, if you want them to loop. In fact, I tried to load them in Ableton and they won´t even load. What you can drag and drop from Bandlab Assistant are .M4a files at around 100 kbps. Horrible quality, not worth the effort.  The matrix is fine, I drag loops from my library , or  of from Loopcloud and other quality sites all the time.

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10 hours ago, Freyja Grimaude-Valens said:

Just want to drop in to mention that Geist Lite is still free rn and can be used as a Drum Sampler.

Thank you for the tip, I used to use the old Geist, and I liked it,  but it was too big and a little buggy. The new version is even bigger, too many things for a plugin and for an MPC kind of standalone workflow sorely needs a dedicated controller,  but having a trimmed down Geist could be nice. 😀

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