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🌈 Save up to 54% on Pulsar Mu and Pulsar Echorec 🌈


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We've decided to accompany you in this moment that is as exceptional as difficult ; that’s why we organized a special promotion on our first two products, Echorec and Mu until April 24th !

Also, we inform you that the prices of our products will change. In particular, the Mu will see its price increased to $/€ 149. If you find this strange, please think of Mu as a good wine - the older it is, the more expensive it gets !

So you might want to take advantage of this offer by buying the Mu at -54% or the Echorec at -50%.

Pulsar Mu - 54% off

The most faithful emulation of a modern yet legendary tube compressor/limiter – perfect glue for mixing and mastering.

BUY FOR ;$149 $69

Pulsar Echorec - 50% off


A software emulation of the iconic echo/delay unit of the same name produced by the Italian brand Binson in the 1960s.

BUY FOR $99 $49

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