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Shifting Octave for live performance

Saeed Zarei

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Hi  ,

I  am new to Cakewalk and  am hoping somebody can help me on  the shifting  ovate up and down while using VST instrument for live performance.

I am an intermediate pianist and use Piano VSTs  for playing/practicing.  I recently installed  free IOWA piano VST .The quality of samples are not the best in the world but is very good for a free  VST ,in particular  I liked the singing of high and mid registers similar to  an acoustic piano, however there is a problem with this VST which  it is offset -1 octave when I play with my  Roland FP-30.  

The shifting octave works on MIDI tracks using Inspector or on recorded audio tracks using Transpose in Process menu, however it did notwork  for live performance .

Also I tried to shift octave on the Roland FP-30 first then load the VST, it did not work either.

Is any idea how o fix this issue?




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How is the signal path from your Keyboard to the vst?


It should be Midi In from your Keyboard into a Miditrack or an Instrument track, then from the Miditrack to your synthtrack.


On the Miditrack look at right side down below the arpeggiator. there you can Transpose the input of the miditrack.

On an Instrument track you have to first click on on the Display/Midi TAB to see the arpeggiator.

Sometimes, I don't know why I'm don't seeing this Display Audio and Midi TAB on Instrument Tracks......

>>>Now that I wrote it I found the problem, it's when I forget to activate the fullscreen Mode, then it's hidden down below😂




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