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Hidden Symmetry

Box Cello

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    Three articulations: sustain (both velocity and modwheel), spiccato and pizzicato
    Up to 8 round robins per note, 2 velocity layers for a maximum total of 16 different samples per note!
    ADSR controls on all patches (except spiccato which doesn't really need it)
    EQ controls on all patches
    Recorded with three different mics (including a piezo contact mic). Mic levels are controllable after the fact to give maximum sonic flexibility
    Three experimental patches: Texture I, Open Strings, Open Strings (Ensemble)
    Requires the full version of Kontakt 5.3.1 or later.
    Library size: 1.03GB (each articulation is separate patch so you can easily get rid of articulations you don't need if you find yourself short on disk space)

2 week Introductory price: $20


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