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Heinz Hupfer

Faster way to input Keyswitches --> CAL

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I always searched for a faster way to insert the keyswitches. Now I've had the idea!


Attached a CAL File to insert Articulations with Keyswitches for the moment especially for Session Strings Pro.

I have keybound it to Ctrl+Enter. It asks the number of the articulation (1-6) (C-1,D-1, E-1, F-1, G-1, A-1)

which you can set freely, for me it is 1-legato, 2-tremolo, 3-fallfast, 4-accent, 5-spiccato, 6-pizzicato.

After you press a number and Enter, C-1 for example is inserted 20 ticks before the first selected note.


To insert an articulation, open the PRV of your Miditrack and

1. select the very first note

2. press (Ctrl+Enter) 

3. Select the number (1-6)

4. Press Enter --> DONE for the first articulation   

5. Press TAB to get to the next note (as much TAB till you get to the next wanted articulation)

Repeat 2-4 until all articulations are inserted.




Select a note or a bunch of notes and press the hotkey, the keyswitch is inserted at the From Time minus 20 ticks (first selected note).


For me it is very fast to insert the articulations and the advantage of the first procedure with TAB, you can hear the notes on pressing TAB...


I'm doing a few more Kontakt Libraries, (I do not have much of them) but you can easily change the CAL for other instruments. Trying to get all my instruments into 1 CAL to switch the instrument, then the articulation.....

You can also send me the Keynumbers of the switches and I'll make a CAL Script for it....

Hope that helps someone



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1 CAL for Session Strings Pro (Keyswitches C-1, D-1, E-1, F-1, G-1, A-1)

1 CAL for Session Horns Pro (Keyswitches C-1, C#-1, D-1, D#-1, E-1, F-1, F#-1, G-1, G#-1)

I bound it for the moment to Ctrl+Numpad0 and Ctrl+Numpad1.




Ins_Art_SSPro.cal Ins_Art_SHPro.cal

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Thanks.  Works for me.  Just have to make a few edits for my  VSTs.

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