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Hidden Symmetry

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The time has come. We’ve teamed up with u-he for the first time ever to bring you an exclusive offer: Get Diva and Repro each at 50% off, or buy both synths and four hand-picked effects for a special price of $279.00.


For the first time, you can save over 60% on u-he’s innovative Diva and Repro synths, alongside four exciting effects – Satin, Colour Copy, Twangström, and Presswerk. Their powerful synths and effects have long been the ace-up-the-sleeve for artists and producers in the know – and now the secret is out.

Value of individual products: $724.00
Now only: $279.00

Native Instruments and u-he are working together to make this exclusive deal possible. Purchase the full collection or an individual instrument here, and you’ll receive an email with your download link and serial numbers. If you haven’t already, you’ll be asked to register with u-he to complete the activation.

This special offer is valid from Feb 4, 2019 until Feb 17, 2019, at the NI Online Shop.


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8 minutes ago, Hidden Symmetry said:

I don't see Zebra or HZ listed though. I use those quite a bit. Maybe because Zebra3 is not ready for NKS or due out anytime soon?

That's correct according to U-he at KVR.  Zebra 2 is not NKS ready. 

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13 hours ago, kitekrazy said:

Nice but no more synths for me.  I could probably add 5 pages to this thread listing them.

Same here... I must be getting old cuz I rarely reach for a traditional synth anymore - and I too have a lot of them.  

Nowadays I prefer something more like the AAS stuff or Ample guitars/basses or orchestral stuff.    

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What would be the typical usage for Satin? Is it something that you put onto the master bus, or is it something that you put onto each track (like a console emulator)? if the latter, how is it for CPU usage, and how does it compare with Overloud Tapedesk?

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