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Melodyne rewinds to wrong location



When creating a new Melodyne Region FX, for the first time in a session (first time since opening Cakewalk), Melodyne starts/stops and rewinds to your selected start position, as expected.  However, when creating a 2nd, 3rd, etc., Melodyne Region FX, in the same session, the software often, if not always, rewinds to the start of the initial region, which is quite annoying, especially when the initial region is several measures away, as you then need to scroll back to where you want to work in your new Region FX.

The following work-around is quick and 95% reliable, as it seems to clear a buffer (?), or create new entries in memory, for Melodyne to write start/stop rewind data to. This then allows the software to work again, as expected within Cakewalk. .....   It's just not a productive workflow. 

  • Ensure all Melodyne windows/sessions are closed. 
  • Create the 2nd, 3rd, etc., Melodyne Region FX
  • Close the Melodyne window/session which you just created
  • Right-click on the new Melodyne section within Cakewalk track-view
  • Select Region FX > Open Region
  • The Melodyne window/session opens, and remembers your start / rewind time 
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