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On 4/9/2020 at 8:35 AM, lmu2002 said:

This is very nice! It's hard to judge the mix because I enjoy the music and playing so much. I get a  lot of Mezzoforte vibe here :)

A couple of things you could try to improve this further:

- everything  sounds   nice open wide stereo but drums are very narrow, maybe a wider reverb on the snare wouldn't hurt

- the kick is very snappy in this context and quite hard rock, you could try soften the hit/attack (with a Cakewalk percussion strip if you have it) or try another sample, or just cut between 2-4kHz

- are you sure you want to have the sax and guitar unison such a uniform sound? Why not separate them a bit: other brighter than the other and/or pan them a bit apart

Anyway, I could listen to this all day and forget about lockdowns and place myself somewhere warm and a drink in my hand and and...

Well done!!


On 5/29/2020 at 10:59 PM, SteveC said:

Just poppin' in to say...   that was freakin' awesome.    Steely Dan horns over a groovin' rhythm section with some really tasty and well played guitar. 


4 hours ago, David Sprouse said:

I don't think the solo's

Larry Carlton?  Lee Ritenour?  Who are you!  Love your songs.  Sounded like a 335, no? I didn't think the solo was too loud.

Thanks all, appreciate your feedback & comments.


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A little late to this party but again, digging this stuff from you. Very well done all around. Instrumentation, performances and mix is top notch.

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