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Control Bar Unresponsive from Mouse - SOLVED



Recently upgraded to CbB.  on version My install is on Win7 64 bit (Yes, I know and acknowledge that I was warned...). Sonar X2 Producer is also installed.  As I am trying to transition off of X2, I am now opening older projects in CbB and have found that portions of the Control Bar is unresponsive to the mouse; keyboard commands and the V-700 works as expected.   Same behavior is seen in new projects. I have found if I collapse the modules, the controls work correctly from the pulldown view...and  resizing the transport control back up returned mouse functionality in that module.   Most all of the other modules do not work when they are expanded in the control bar but do work from the pulldown menu if they are collapsed and operated from the pulldown.

I went back into X2 and everything is still working as it ever has there.


Edited to add: the resizing trick works sometimes but not consistently.  Transport is again inoperative from control bar, works from collapsed view via pulldown


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I figured it out. On a hunch I turned off AERO mode and reverted the display to Classic Windows default and Control bar functionality returned.


In case anyone ever hits this in the future

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