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Hey guys.


So I've been using Cakewalk for a while no - no problems. 

But starting today, I've had a little problem with something - crackling.

Before now this wasn't a problem. Cakewalk could run projects with lots of tracks and fxs and my cpu could handle it. But starting today, whenever I load in any midi track, even just one, Cakewalk says my CPU is at anywhere from 5-30% and starts crackling and even shutting down some times. Don't know how to fix, yall have any ideas?

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Do the crackles go away when you temporarily bypass all loaded effects, by hitting the 'E' key on your computer keyboard, and then hitting play?  (you can turn effects back on, by simly hitting the 'E' again after the test).

What Driver Mode is your project using?  ASIO?  etc., 

What Sample Rate is your project using, and what is your ASIO Buffer Size set to, if using ASIO Driver Mode?

What kind of audio interface are yu using?  (Focusrite, Steinberg, etc....)

Bob Bone


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Hey Robert,


Yes turning off all effects made CPU load go from 30 percent to 0 on a song with a lot of tracks.

Last night when i posted about my problem, I was using  WASAPI Shared mode, then switched to ASIO to see if that would help, didn't really though.

I'm not sure on how to find the sample rate. But i'll look it up and get back with you on that.

I'm using the Focusrite Scarlet 2i2 as my interface.

Oh, and while the crackling problem seems to be a bit better this morning - just starting a new project and loading in an instrument track makes my Cpu jump to around 30 percent - never usually does that. 

Thanks for your time!


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You won't get a notice for driver updates in Focusrite Control. You need to log into your Focusrite account and check for updates.

 I had the crackling issue after a Windows update with my Scarlett 18i20 Gen 2. It didn't record the crackling, but it still drove me NUTS. 😣

Anyway  Focusrite just recently released Focusrite Control version a month or so back for "GEN 2 interfaces".

Focusrite Control version also includes a new firmware update with will automatically install with the driver installer package.

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