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GUI and Playhead Freezes For a Split-Second When Opening VST Windows (Audio isn't Affected)

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Longtime Cakewalk Pro Audio/Sonar/CbB user here. I recently replaced my old Clevo 17" laptop (Quad Core i7-3630QM; 16gb RAM; nVidia SLI; SSD) with an ultrabook.

I'm now using a new 2019 HP Envy 13 laptop/ultrabook. (Quad Core i5-8265U; 8gb RAM; Intel UHD 620 graphics; SSD) with the following:

  • Clean Windows 10 Home installation with only important updates.
  • Drivers are the latest.
  • Battery is on 'Balanced' (Slider to the right for Best Performance). Unfortunately, since this is an ultrabook, the only available power plan is 'Balanced'. There is no way to fully restore the missing default Windows workstation power plans like 'High Performance' with all of the extra options. I followed this guide which did restore the old plans, but most of the sub-options are still unavailable, so they're essentially the same as the default 'Balanced', which only has a few options. I also disabled 'Connected/Modern Standby' (Tablet Power Mode) in the Registry but that didn't restore all of the traditional power models.
  • Latest Cakewalk by Bandlab. Onboard Realtek audio. WASAPI Shared; 16bit 48kHz. (ASIO4ALL wasn't reliable).

I understand that using onboard audio and the integrated Intel UHD 620 GPU isn't the best option, but other than this minor graphical glitch when opening VSTs, everything else works perfectly. I tried tweaking Windows and the Intel Graphics Command Center as much as possible over several weeks, but nothing I did could get rid of the freeze when opening VST windows. The freeze only happens for a split-second, and it doesn't affect audio playback. Everything is still in perfect sync after the freeze.

Anyone else with this issue? Thanks.


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