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Milton Sica



I have a machine, the description of which follows below, where I have encountered the following problems:

1 - Whenever I restart the machine when executing projects around 40, 60 seconds, pops and delays start to appear.
2 - Keeping the machine on and, after it has entered a state of power suspension, when I return the problems disappear.

I believe that this is due to some state change in the equipment's CPU and / or memory configuration.

When Bandlab Desktop worked correctly, without delays, without latencies, the existing settings were those shown in the images.

I was unable to configure the machine to the same state as this good configuration.

Any tips?




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I did a procedure that seems to be working:

1 - With Bandlab active, I physically remove the USB cable that connects the Tascm US-600 to the computer.
2 - I wait a few seconds.
3 - I am waiting for Bandlab to inform you that the device has been disconnected and if I want to stop Transport.
4 - I reconnect the USB cable.
5 - I answer YES.
6 - I still need, via application of the Tascam US-600, to restart it.

Everything is back to normal for reproductions and recordings.

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