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spectrum analyzer

Keith Lane

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Please could I have a multicoloured  spectrum analyzer that works off the matsr bus, and has a piano roll along the top much like the EQ one, and can sit along the top , like the transport control. Ideally stretchable or at least 2 or 3 different lengths for choice to suit the visual monitors I'm using. It would be nice to add a mouse over effect that highlights the frequency and note the pointer is over by reporting it in the corner of the analyzer.  I always have a plug in for this, and constantly have to put it back in focus and move it around so I can work with other plug ins. I'd like it just there.. always ready for a glance in view. 

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The Voxengo Span is a good plug in, I use that and also DMG audio TrackMeter. The point is, I don't like it as a plug in. I'd like it as part of the DAW.

Keep posting suggestions though, someone reading this might be struggling for an analyzer. 

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