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Staff View Bugs/Ideas

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I use Staff View rarely, but when it comes to recording with classical musicians, it is a great feature. Here are a few comments from my experiences:


  • Staff View is also displaying notes from muted clips, very confusing! Should be turned off or optional.
  • Mouse Wheel Zoom is not working in Staff View 
  • changes in Layout are not undoable
  • when in Print Preview while the playback is on, the Print Preview display is blinking
  • in Print Preview, using SPACE to start playback does not work, because focus is on menu buttons (Print, Configure, Zoom in...)


  • in Print Preview, (option to) show Now Time cursor during playback. Why: when I record with a note reading musician, I use Print Preview to show him what I want him to play whithout the need to print a paper score. Animated Now Time cursor in the score would be helpful for this. I can't use simple Staff Vief for this because it only shows a few bars in advance.

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