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Sensel Morph - looks cool - anybody have one?

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I got wind of this from the Buchla Thunder users group https://sensel.com/

An overview: https://sensel.com/pages/video

It's an alternative MIDI controller / music production controller / Ableton Live controller / etc. / etc.

I'm thinking about trying one out, but I wonder if anyone here has purchased one before I spring for it.

If so, is it as advertised? Pros? Cons?


I have no affiliation with this company and am asking out of curiosity - in other words - this ain't spam :)

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Haven't tried it but I always think about what any new gadget might bring before buying and in this case I already have eveything this thing provides. (I think?) Would it solve lots of problems for you, or add new features you dont already have ? 

If you need to be mega portable I could see a usecase, but I already have a 88 key masterkeyboard, midi controller, computer keyboard etc I dont see a need for it for me personally. Everyones needs are different though so for someone else it might be a perfect fit. For a laptop user this could be great. 


Let us know what you think if you do buy it. 

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Clever invention if it really works as advertised. I'm never likely to be an ableton or bitwig guy though, so not a lot of use to me. 

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This is why this forum is in need of a hardware section. A good post like this, that may not necessarily be posted in regularly, but will always be of interest to peeps from time to time will get lost in the usual Coffee House stuff. And that is not a side swipe at the Coffee House by the way.

Just expressing my opinion... Back in my cave now...

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I'm predominately a sax player who doubles on flute, drums, bass, guitar, wind synthesizer, keyboard, and vocals.

On stage in my current setup I'm playing sax, flute, wind synth, guitar, vocals and a small percussion controller that I use when singing something too difficult to play while singing (I'm not a natural singer and have to work at it).

My duo partner is a fantastic singer and also plays guitar and Buchla Thunder Tactile MIDI controller.

I make my own backing tracks.

This Morph is not nothing I need, but something I'm interested in. -- It could be an aid in making my own backing tracks, -- and on stage I might be able to not only use the drum controller, but slap the keyboard skin on and play a few keyboard synth lines, as the wind synthesizer does not do harmony well (two note drone or parallel harmony, not very versatile options).

My partner's Thunder and my Wind Synthesizer do things that a keyboard synth will not do  (and vice versa). Having a drum controller I can hit with sticks instead of my fingers without buying an e-drum set could be a plus. Having different ways to do things is never a big problem. Having more toys (oops! tools in case the IRS is monitoring) is always a good thing.

This device looks interesting. Can it do the same things as the Thunder and other things as well? Is it a cool fun toy?

Most of all I'd like to know how it's made, and if it's worth trying or not.

If someone has one, let me know how rugged it seems. Is it full MIDI complaint so that a USB to MIDI interface will transfer to a 5 pin DIN MIDI sound module.

It gets good reviews on Amazon, but I know those can be padded, I'd rather hear from others.

It's not that expensive, if it's well built and fully MIDI compliant, I just might give it a try. (I have sound modules.)

If I spring for it, I'll publish a report here.

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