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Michael Warren

Copy and Paste Nightmare


First, I do have snap to grid off. If I want to copy a passage to another track, I select the target track, then use goto for where I want data placed. For example, Goto 3.1.480.

I then paste it, but it always seems to go beats or ticks forward.. I'm sure it's something simple that I'm missing for such a simple procedure. I've used the regular copy choice, and Copy special. In copy special I choose the time to insert 3.01.480 and 1 repetition, replace old data with new. Do not slide, and still it may not come in as expected. I'm choosing the time to insert looking at the first note in the midi clip. If the note starts on the 3rd beat, should I choose the 1st beat of that bar to paste the material I've copied? I'm now spending more time sliding copied material by ticks or beats then actually spending time on the composition part. Any ideas? Again, I know it's probably something I'm doing wrong because no one else seems to have that problem.

Thanks in advance,

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